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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 11, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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h hoot tling tonight. >> there are reports that 3 people were taken to the hospital. people were advised to stay inside and shelter in place until further notice. now this happened not far from the uc santa barbara campus at 7:30 tonight. >> latest veils comes a year after el why the roger went on rampage in the same community kill 6 people before shooting himself. we'll bring you any
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development in the newscast and on twitter at this web site. good evening. >> our other top stories in. nfl suspended tom brady for 4 games without pay for his role in deflate gate. late tonight brady agent says the star quarterback will appeal that suspension. all about those game ball that had some air let out of them. in addition the patriots were 15ed 1 million dollars. and lost 2 draft picks. here's the karen travers. >>reporter: nfl hit tom brady hard. suspended the first 4 gyms of next season without pay. for what league investigation found was his involvement in what is now called deflate gate. nfl told the champ your actions clearly constitute conduct detrimental to the integrity and public confidence in the game of professional football. >> 243 page defate gate report released last week was damning.
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more prbl than not that they were awaiver of the inappropriate activity from release of game ball. according to the report minutes before brady took the field for the championship game against the indianapolis colts looker room attendant reportedly carried the game day ball out of the officials locker room to a path room. minute 40 seconds later he brings them to the field. deflated. brady has denied guilt. >> like i have always played within the rules wouldn't do anything to brick the right. but the reaction was harsh. >> they need suspend tom brady for a year. >> press cried out for brady to be pun issued. nfl agreed. patriots fans who tell had the support for brady last week has a cold autumn in his absence. this is of abc news washington. >> oakland business owner frustrated tonight over oakland inability to do anything about van dwhool take advantage of demonstrations and use them as an opportunity to go wild. if
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we have more. >> this is not any part of my trach. >> small business owner nancy paint plywood instead of window display. >> first one said o pd you failed your city again. >> vandal shatter the glass precision motor along broadway during may day protest more than a week ago. >> frustrating because it seems pretty predictable but nobody seems to be able to stop it. >> tens of thousands of dollars in damage still evidence along auto row where nancy and her husband work. >> since i can't fix cars i get to do the pacing. >> couple second message to city leaders. tourism visits oakland show you which block to trash. >>reporter: days following the destruction mayor shaft of the city work to go create a business restoration fund that offer zero or low interest loan to impact business. they defer permit cost for replacing window. city reiterated the
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effort in e-mail today. tell but fancy found but fancy finds the idea insulting and the loan would come from her taxes. >> so they want to make a low interest loan from my money to begin with my money to begin with and they make money on the money that i already gave them. >>reporter: oakland police did not respond to our request for comments regarding policy for damaging protest. because prevention not payment is what nancy is seeking. and her message will be heast read this one kind of popped into my head this morning. and i like making words fun. >> oakland small businesses get the. >> keep putting her name up here the should get her attention. >> in oakland, katie abc 7 news >> in oakland, katie abc 7 news. >> the oakland police respond to our report tonight saying department will make arrest when it's safe for the officers and the public to do so. if not they say they conduct follow-up investigation that include rae view of body cam video surveillance video and video taken by designated video
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teams. fv we will talk to witness and ask anyone with information video or photo to come forward. >> 4-year-old stockton boy few cuts and bruises. that's it after jumping from moving car during a carjacking thank good during a carjacking thank goodness. mom left the car running while she went inside to say goodbye to relatives. boy inside the car. got into the honda did not notice the boy and took off. 4-year-old jumped out at the end of the pwlochblingt young man is okay. >> involving car and petdz sent woman to the hospital in critical condition. and shut down parts of harrison street in san francisco during rush hour tonight. happened near 13 street right under highway 101. no word yet on who was at fault. driver stayed at the 16 and was cooperating with the police investigation. >> fire season approaching might seem like bad time to be closing fire stations. that's exactly what is happening in east contra costa county. 7 news reporter laura anthony has
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more. >> fch this is third time in three years. >> the trucks are in the garage but no longer firefighters staffing station 94. reality that doesn't sit well with chief henderson. >> we have again out to the public. looked for additional funding. public said no. so unfortunately this is reality. >> this morning at 8:00 a.m. station 94 closed for good. the another in brentwood wept from temporary closure to a permanent one. the cost cutting measures came after voters in the direct failed to pass april ballot measure and would have raised 4.two million dollars annually for 5 years. jerry owns a hot rod body shop just block down from now shut erred station 94. >> tell paying too. taxpayers just can't afford it any more. >> i think it's pretty sad. >> this woman has lived in knight her entire life.
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>> just sad that we have they have to close it down because a lot of people didn't vote on it. i'll stand if money and politic. >> as it is now the closest station to the community, 1500 people is brentwood. 5 miles away n.knightson laura anthony abc 7 news. >> weekend closure that endd with kind of a slight hiccup on the bridge when it reopened this morning the electronic signs leading to the bridge indicating it was still closed several hours into the morning commute. cal-trans had to manually change them to show the bridge was in fact open. it will close again tell memorial day weekend for more maintenance work. >> tell maybe you have seen the driverless vehicle on bay area roads. google name. details of accidents never disclosed until today. and the other drivers not the self driving cars causing the accidents. david has the numbers. >>reporter: google has been
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testing self driving cars for 6 years logging 1.7 million miles. now that they are being tested on public streets and highway finding out how many accidents they have had has been difficult to obtain. >> i think that sometimes the in the future the the technology may be very valuable and offer important contributions. but that just underscores why now the it's essential that everything beyond the table be the test. >>reporter: consumer watch dog turned down by geeling and the dmv. bay area resident who have seen them agree the facts should be public. >> they should advertise close accidents. >> yes totally. yes. if people have to no under pressure google said today the vex have had 11 minor accidents with light damage and no injuries. they have been hit 7 times from behind. and side swiped twice. one vehicle was hit by a car rolling through a stop sign. not once google reports was the self driving car the cause of the accident. tell another developer of
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technology del fay took a self driving car from san francisco to new york without incident. but year ago one of the kartion was hit by another vehicle that crossed over the median while in manual mode. will reporting of accident hurt the development of self driving cars. >> i don't think that this tell disclosure of any accidents on the way are going to fv stop that from happening. >>reporter: however some researchers are investing in off road facility such as the university of michigan spending 6 and half million dollars for facility that will simulate traffic jam and e use row about the as pedestrians. in san jose david louie abc 7 news. >> all right stay with us we have a lieutenant more ahead for you on this monday night. >> we are like wondering why are we getting so many anti- >> not alone. happening at your house. why so many people dealing an ant invasion. >> also the guilt free car wash >> also the guilt free car wash. how to wash the car and help the state conserve water at the same time. >> sandhya has rain in our
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forecast. >> how about some water from the sky. i'll let you know exactly when the rain will be moving in to the bay area coming up. >> doctor who will bill you for smoking. >> stay with us. 7 new
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for over 60,000 california foster children, it's a challenge to replace clothes that are too small or worn out. i grew 3 inches last year. i don't need anything fancy. i never had much to begin with. when i look nice on the outside i feel better on the inside. to help, sleep train is collecting new clothes for kids big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's day a little brighter. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> the sandberg returning to work this week but on modified schedule. her husband dave goldberg died last weak after falling off a tread mill during vacation work out in mexico. moment of silence in his memory today. instead of taking time off to grieve she has reportedly decided to work during the hours her children are in school while suspending any work related travel plans for awhile. >> they are thirsty searching for water and they are hungry looking for food. we are talking about an invasion of ant lately. here's tv vic lee with another casualty of the calf drought. >> and these are the greatest ally. >> they are kind of cute. yes. it's the ant man. he's everywhere. avenge everywhere. avenging what the drought has done to his army of ant. searching wide and far
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for water. >> ant man may be fiction but the ant invasion is not. this time not only the native species but the more aggressive argentina ant that are bugging the bay area. >> fear leadsly coming to the dishwasher. refrigerator. come into the sink. bathroom. >> all looking for water. the egg which would be destroyed over a wet winter never were. sought ant population has exploded. >> we are like wondering why are we getting so many ant. >> this hardware store in san mateo just can't keep enough ant stick trap and spray on the shelves. >> so they are invading houses right and left sought sales sky rocketed pretty much. >> if the ant are still winning the war, you can call pest control experts. planet orange for instance attack the perimeter of your house spraying plant base oil to kill them and there are always home remedy. >> what i have been doing is vacuuming around the window sill. wiping them down with
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just apartment bacterial. >>reporter: keep the kitchen counter clean. spray ant trail with glass cleaner like windex. place the pet food bowl in a container with soapy water like a motel fight all other remedy fail there is still the old fashion way to kill ants. fv vic lee, abc 7 news. >> option for drought conscious driver who can't stand having dirty car. eco-green auto clean in redwood city using a spray it claims can clean a water with just -- clean a car with just a cup of water. product made from plant derived surf break up dirt pars kill. actually non-toxic apparently can even take a sip of it and be fine. eco-green opened 2 and a half years ago and business is really picking up. >> cutting off the water in different if city hasn't happened yet sooner or later it will. when it happens if.
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>> you can take a bottle home with you for 15 dollars. cost 30 dollars to client car. you should know if you have dirt caked-on to the car you will have to spray that off with some water first but for basic cleaning this will get the job done. >> solana county water agency held a contest to challenge teenagers to great public service announcement talking about the seethe of the drought about the seethe of the drought. 150 video were submitted and the agency says many of the video really focus on the critical need to conserve water. winning video from stewar students of this high school in vacaville. part of the message tells people slow down and think to save water. >> save water. because it's time like these we all need play our part. >> the 4 student and teacher will receive 1500 dollars for the winning video. >> congratulations good work. >> yes. >> we may be getting some rain this week. >> won't ease the drought too much but every drop is nice.
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need every drop. >> we do. and it's going to be a lot like last week where we saw the scattered showers come through i men we are a measure of rain in the bay area which is great. let me show you live doppler 7hd the talk about when that might show up on our radar here. a little later on this week right now we are just tracking some clouds across parts of the bay area. tv winds are still going strong in some spots. gusting to 30 miles an hour out of the south west. 25 in san carlos. 29 at sfo. so that on shore breeze is really keeping it the feeling chill yes or no it really is chls. temperatures in the 50's across the renal from the view the tower cam are. you are looking at san francisco and the wind will help keep atmosphere stirred up so we are not expecting fog tomorrow morning just patchy low cloud. breezy cool next few days showers arrive late wednesday. going to be wet on thursday with more snow fall believe it or not. here's the system we keep our eye open for the time being wind flow from high to low basic robust sea
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breeze was in force this afternoon and so that's why it was so cool out there most of the bay area in the 50's and 60's. we keep that going for the next couple of days. this is the cold front that bring us wet weather starting on thursday. but we can't rule out isolated shower as early as wednesday. so clouds thing. maybe a little bit popping up wednesday afternoon out towards the mount hamilton area but it's thursday morning that the showers begin at 5:00 a.m. they become a little more wide spread around the time that you mit take your kids off at school at 8:00 o'clock during the commute time. evening hours at 5:00 p.m. still looking at scattered showers across parts of the bay area. by 5:00 p.m. rain total actually look quite impressive down to the south now still early estimates so we are lacking at about 8 tenths inch in some areas. anywhere from about tenth to 8 tenth of an inch of rain. measuring indeed inch of rain. measuring indeed. in sierra nevada we
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look at several inches of snow snow level 6 to 7000 feet could pick up as much as half foot and also means that those passes may be impact sod keep that in mind. cool to chilly tomorrow morning. some limited cloud cover you will need to bound el up when you 11 home. low 40's to low 50's then tomorrow afternoon tell south bay 69 gilroy. 67 san jose. still very please apartment day still very please apartment day. the peninsula cooler than afternoon around redwood city. 55 in pacifica. it will feel raw especially with the breeze going downtown san francisco make sure off jacket. 59 degrees. sunny sky north bay 70 in santa rosa. 69 out towards nap a.67 in novato. east bay 65 oak land. castro valley inland spots. you will see plenty of sun but temperatures are going to run below where they should be for this time of year. 68 in life more. 71 in fairfield. accu-weather 7 day forecast will bring in some showers late wednesday night. going into thursday. it will even cool
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some more believe it or not and then temperatures will recover just a little bit in time for the weekend plans. it will be a dry weekend but at this point every opportunity for system to come through here and dump some rain bring it. >> thanks. >> still to come here on 7 news at 9. powerful reason for men to stay fit as they age. >> in honor of asian pacific american heritage month we use our 7 news instagram feed to highlight the people who are making a difference where you live. >> today we recognize filmmaker mad lip limb bay area woman whose work is so ground breaking it's banned in her native singapore. >> also the founder of queer women of color media arts project having the film festival june 12 through the 14th. >> we have mr. information on our 7 news
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(music) hey! let me help with that.
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oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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. >> we learn about specific way exercise says may help men live longer. if you study finds men who exercise regularly can keep cholesterol level under control and delay increase by up to 15 years. researchers at the university of south caroline say cardio exercise keeps artery clear by lowering bad cholesterol and boosting good cholesterol. they say it takes 30 minutes a day of aerobic activity to reap the benefit. would it apply to women too. >> have you ever crossed bay area bridge and received toll violation by mistake? tonight at 11:00 an inside source tells us why you may never get justice from fast track. >> money is the only thing that is on your mind instead of really helping people then you will take the money.
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>>reporter: find out why customer service agents have a mainly incentive to brush off your complaints. 7 open your side special report fit on abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. >> city right here. another 30 minutes of abc 7 news at 9:00 coming up next as we continue parents protest a controversial vaccination bill demand that go they be allowed to call the shots. >> also tense moments in the sky after plane forced to make emergency landing at los angeles international airport. >> tourist bus explodes with dozens of people on board. how everyone got off safely. >> another half hour of 7 news
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>> hundreds of airports across california help protest today against senate fwhail would mandate that all children get vaccinated. >> those who support senate bill 2 77 are upset with the measure may now be watered down measure may now be watered down. >> here's lee ann. >> south bay city of campbell was meeting point for these parents against mandatory vaccinations. the they came to
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protest in front of state senator jim bell's office in campbell. supporter of mandatory vaccinations. >> they tell know stop at red late i do it sure. they should tell me what to about but not with my health. >> there is a real risk and i think i as a parent have a choice of whether or not to make that take that risk rather i take a risk with disease or take a risk with the known danger of vaccines. >>reporter: senate bill 2 77 is one of the most controversial in recent memory. it calls for all school students to be vaccinated. the bill was introduced by state senator richard pan and bill allen. it's received the support of lawmakers like senator barbara boxer. the recent outbreak of measles prompted this action. >> then we had disneyland. disney outbreak which spread. >>reporter: but fearing the bill may not pass in the senate they are considering changes. the new legislation could read like this. those unvaccinated children from second grade
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through sixth grade would be grandfather in and would not have to be vaccinated. this means only children entering child care kindergarten and seventh grade would still have to be vaccinated. this compromise is said to be political move to appease opponent. still many in the medical community would consider it a victory if it passes. >> the fact that this bill will increase vaccination rates and im paragraph the protection of every child against life threatening and preventable disease i think is our common gochlt we are heading in that direction. >>reporter: bill could go to the state senate floor as early as thursday. lee ann, abc 7 news. the emergency landing at lax today. united express jet came in on its belly when the landing gear failed. passengers on board are praising the pilot for how to handle the crisis. brandy hid has the story. >> tense moment for passengers on board this sky west flight television feed captured the landing as the plane left
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wing scraped the runway at los angeles international airport. the jet skidding for 30 seconds down on the belly after the landing gear failed. >> pl appears no left fight video taken by passenger shows emergency response fight happened very fast. no time to fight i was thinking of my family and kid. >> jet coming in from monterey california dumped the fuel over the ocean and passengers brace for impact but none of the 43 people on board suffered serious injuries. fight passengers as soon as the plane land idea immediately he have been ateed from the plane. >> they later board add bus along with the pilot thanking them. >> good job. >> perfect landing for what the situation they are in. i would say actually smoother than some of the landings i have had with all of the landing gear down. >> this is abc news los angeles. >> parents of teenager girl with autism plan to file suit
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against united airlines following an incident last week following an incident last week. united flight made emergency landing in salt like city and police escorted 15 city and police escorted 15-year-old juliette beagle and parents off the plane. juliette mom feels the pilot overreacted. she admits her daughter became agitated because she was hungry. donna says juliette is a picky ether and told flight attendant she needed a hot meal. >> i was suggest everything no no no we can't do that. i said you know what maybe after she has a melt down and she's crying and trying to scratch then you will help us. the. >>reporter: flight attendant finally brought juliette a meal from first class. short time later pilot announced he would make emergency landing because!bus bus of unrulyy passengers. yawntd is standing by the decision. air lane released a statement part of it reads the crew made the best decision for the safety and comfort of all our customers. >> police investigating the attempted shooting of george zimmerman. man who killed unarmed florida teerj 3 years ago. police in like mary
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florida north of orlando somebody shot at zimmerman through the passenger side window of the truck. bullet miss bud as i remember man hit by broken glass. neither driver arrested. they were reportedly involved in road rage incident last september. this is the latest of several brush was the law for zimmerman since his acquittal in the killing of 15-year-old try von martin. the in massachusetts bus exploded on the turnpike late today just as the rush hour was getting under way. dozens of passengers were on board when it happened. about we have the story and the pictures. >>reporter: tonight it's a miracle nobody was injured. watch. dramatic video of regional bus exploding on the massachusetts turnpike in newton before 5:00 p.m. look closer as the window blow out. the bus engulfing in flames. long before this other driver had seen smoke coming from that bus alerting the bus driver who evacuated all 46 passengers safely. video reminding us of
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lady tour bus burning on texas highway. >> that is really, really the on fire. >> asleep he understood with 3 others near dallas when one tire catches fire. thankfully in massachusetts firefighters putting out the blaze. this is abc news new york. >> north carolina man says his doctor east charging an extra fee every time he admits to smoking cigarettes. during present checkup at the university of north carolina this man says nurse asked him to standard question including whether he smoked. when he got the his bill it had a 33 dollar tobacco use stopping charming. month later he went become to the same doctor answered the same smoking question honestly and charmed another 33 dollar fee. university suspends the fee and says usually charmed after series of discussions with the patient. the patient says he's looking for another doctor. >> olive garden new plan to win back the customers. restaurant which is nope for its bread stick is going to turn them in
9:35 pm
sandwiches start being june 1st you will be able to order a chicken parmesan or meat ball sandwich made with bread stick sandwich made with bread sticks. don't worry they are still on the mean you and still get as many of them as you want. people will be unhappy if they took them off the menu. >> up next. buy liquor really on almost every corner fight fruits vegetables is a real challenge. man would is trying to change that.
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>> there is a big push tonight to improve access to fresh fruit and vegetables in a low income neighborhood where there are dozens of liquor stores but doesn't have a full service supermarket. >> it's happening intend loin district in san francisco. cheryl takes thrust to meet a store owner who is leading the way and is being honored for
9:39 pm
his leadership. >> this changes every tape. whatever is available on the market we put part of it here. >>reporter: he own as beautiful grocery store called redmond produce market that would fit in in any neighborhood. he has great signs outside and glass dhoors allow potential customers to see what is inside. lots of organic fresh fruit and vegetables and shelves stocked with healthy food and he just expanded to food of brand new area for fresh meat. actual want find any alcohol sales here. that is almost unheard of in this neighborhood. this is the tenderloin. one of the most economically disadvantaged area in san francisco. there are more than 70 liquor stores in a square mile area. >> stand outside the store the good to the left or right there are store all over. they are all liquor stores. >>reporter: he is the first food store owner to work with
9:40 pm
the healthy corner store coalition. founded by non-profit tenderloin neighborhood development kormtion korms. redmond a father of 7 is from yemen. he doesn't drink. he wants to serve his community well. so he if has company tloytion revamp the store inside and out. they even help with market. >> they offered this new the. put new picture in the store so we aut put all the shelves are new. in return we got more fruits and vegetables dried and fresh. >>reporter: motel people here don't have car. they take the bus or cab if they can afford. that's why this work is so pr. it owns 30 apartment buildings in the tenderloin providing low income housing for people like this mother perez. red mopped is a gift for her. she dent have a shopping for her family is challenging. >> take the bus. and with my kids. and when i come back i
9:41 pm
come the with 3 bag, 4 bag, and my kids watching my kids the and now advertise wow! i'm so excited. yes. >>reporter: this is the executive director of tndc. >> thrilled with everything he put together here. not only for the great food that he is delivering but also as a model as a pay interand trail blazer the to show other people thinks possible. >>reporter: there is a powerful economic incentive to keep business in the tenderloin keep business in the tenderloin. >> if you extrapolate 50 dollars per month for household entire population of tend loin this comes out to a little nip this comes out to a little nip,000 dollars a month 10 million dollars a year leaving the neighborhood. >>reporter: this is a community organizer working with local residents like these to the find solution for assets to help get food. residents discover the fresh approach. but it takes time. he runs another business to help
9:42 pm
support his family. even so he encourages other store owners to join his effort. >> our sales are going up in terms of fruits and vegetables. they continue to agree and we are very happy about that. i feel very satisfied. >>reporter: cheryl jennings abc 7 news. >> that's great. >> yes up next on 7 ins at 9:00 >> yes up next on 7 ins at 9:00. the box took 6000 workers on
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for over 60,000 california foster children, it's a challenge to replace clothes that are too small or worn out. i grew 3 inches last year. i don't need anything fancy. i never had much to begin with.
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when i look nice on the outside i feel better on the inside. to help, sleep train is collecting new clothes for kids big and small. bring your gift to any sleep train and help make a foster child's day a little brighter. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. >> update breaking news on vista tonight. scene just few
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minutes ago over the scene of shooting not far from the santa barbara campus. authorities say 4 people wounded tonight just before 7:30. all 4 expected to survive. one person was wounded from assault and 2 were wounded by gunfire. unmostly clear how the fourth person injured. suspect the gunman was believed to be among those wounded. university place add lock down on dorms and advice students faculty and staff to shelter in place being staff to shelter in place being. lock down since lifted. year after man went on rampage killing 6 people. >> nasa curiosity rover stunning new im am of deep blue sunset after seeing a lot of rock it lacked up and captured this seek we understand of 3 photo. showing the sun sinking on the horizon. blue color from the fine dust in the at most that only allow blue light to pass through. >> so cool. >> it is. >> okay. >> take a look at what our sun looks leak tomorrow. >> that's right sandhya has the latest.
9:47 pm
>> we have a beautiful sunset tomorrow. we look at of live doppler 7hd i know because there will be a few clouds around and some sun and right now we have some clouds. we'll be tracking rain later on in the week. flash flood watches warnings for lonestar state where rain thunderstorms really heavy rain expected. 69 in dallas. miami 85. really warm-up to the northeast. 89 in new york. we are looking at some showers and out over the western u.s. some showers up to the north. 55 in tahoe. windy there 69 yosemite. los angeles morning low clouds fog giving way to sun 70 degrees. typical for this time of year. high in the bay area cooler than average. upper 50's to low 70's. still be breezy to windy and you will the sun tomorrow as we head towards tomorrow evening. a's game against the red sox tell bride against the red sox tell breezy with cloud around. mid upper 50's tom night t.may need a jacket. accu-weather 7 day forecast you need umbrella
9:48 pm
between wednesday night and thursday as we do have some wet weather coming our way and then over the weekend dry conditions still a little bit behind where we should be for this time of year but i don't think too many people are going to complain especially since we can use this cooler than average weather. >> definitely. >> all right thanks so much sandhya. >> well, certainly nice to have a.b.'s who is a billionaire. ceo of chen he's conglomerate booked all expenses paid vacation for more than 6000 people total celebrate the company 20th an versus richlt he shelled out 14 and half million dollars for charter jets, 30,000 motel stay and private tour of the love. company works in if health management. trip ended friday with group setting world record spelling out the word fv listed here. guinness declared it longest human made phrase. >> isn't that nice? >> that's a good boss.
9:49 pm
>> take afield trip somewhere? >> let me ask you one thing. do they have free coffee? we have the 43 cappuccino and coffee. >> that's true. >> before you can only go to france once. 43 coffee for the rest of the time. >> that's true. >> thinks unusually positive. >> i like the would say but maybe you guys just have issues. you want to express of sfichlt go ahead. >> if warriors i'm smile warriors not lost 3 games in a row all season needed a win tonight to avoid that and curry delivered performance worthy
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>> coming up at 11:00 o'clock we follow breaking news shooting near uc santa bar practice tonight. dorments on lock down. we have the very latest on it. >> have you ever crossed bay area bridge and received a toll violation by mistake? tonight inside source tells 7 on your side why you may never get justice from fast track. >> those stirs and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> tell we were hoping for turn
9:53 pm
around tonight. >> if he's enjoying his coffee. >> luxury and free i might add. if it's 43 it must be for me. >> not really free. don't be food. >> well, i'm probably paying for it in other ways. the warriors answer a lot of questions tonight. could curry play like one and lead them to victory in game 4 of the play off series with memphis. reeling after become to become losses to the grizzly and were your fans were flipping out and losing the shirt. after the last 2 games open was a 3. bounce back. 16.10 rae pwoup. balance around team effort. andre the steal. almost missed the dunk and lay almost missed the dunk and layed it in. wide open 3 when hit tleing all is right with the world. warriors up 11. do have hit 14-3. mark cleaning up for memphis. 19 and 10. griz down 6 but the mvp had an
9:54 pm
mvp type gym steal and slam. 33 poychbilitys 8 board for curry and 5 assist and shake and bake and green in the air. make the shot. warriors up 17 at the half. third quarter. green to the rack. strong over the listened warriors by 19. come son with 15. contested 3 over green. 25 point concussion on. game 4 all warriors with authority. the the warriors dominated in the griped house and win 101-84. series tied at 2-2 with game 5 back in oracle on wednesday night. >> we had to compete and be physical and play hard every possession. when you put forth that effort if you see the results it's a good feeling. especially on road and must win situation for us so i think we are all very proud of the way we pleaed from start to finish.
9:55 pm
>> if hawk trying to even the series with wizard. washington with 6 3 in the first quarter. from el cerrito drew knocks it down. tv poster at the time the gem. but he find himself on the 'material mill sap crossed over. baseline what a reverse. 19 points for him. big dude. making poof like. that 9 seconds left. wizard down 3. paul pierce you can handle the truth. because he had an open 3 for the tie. no late game heroic this time. hawk tie the series with a 106 hawk tie the series with a 106-101 win sought 1 seed in the east and west get it done tonight. tom brady superstar and superbowl mvp but fought before the law and nfl suspended him 4 games for the row el in deflate gate and investigation concluded that brady probably knew about the intentional deflating of football and he's why are for him to throw and catch and
9:56 pm
didn't cooperate revving to provide text message or e-mails and after the spy gate scandal few years ago the patriots repeat offender that's why the penalty is so harsh. along with brady 4 game suspension the patriots will lose 2 draft pick and also pay 1 million dollar fine. 49ers defensive tackle docket tweeted this out. at first we thought it was sarcastic then he said no no i like the patriots. win at all cost. you have to love the patriots they do anything to win a superbowl. the are you advocating cheat sning apparently. >> pablo sandoval. back in the bay area. red sox. flexible t.take it on the a's. big poppy ortiz t.poppy. base hit. the score. tied at 1. over the hade of the shane and bill butler scores in the seventh. the line of change up for rbi single. tell and boston an
9:57 pm
sac. fly making 4-4 that's where we are right now 4-4 in the eighth at the coliseum um. star studded group in the bay area led by former giants slug area led by former giants slugger bonds and old manager baker joined by olympic gold medal winning skier the januaryy and tour golfer roger and former warriors owner frank lip. question for barry is this honor bay area hall of fame lead to baseball hall of fame. >> this is the bay area hall of fame and if i sat up here and talked about it. the it's me against the how many are you here? story comes out any way it can. i learned that lesson t.stay out of the conversation t.i'll stay out of me and enjoy right now. >> barry not trusting reporters >> barry not trusting reporters? that's odd. >> the 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> washington could go wrong. >> what could go wrong.
9:58 pm
>> sipping his coffee. >> warriors back again wednesday right. >> wednesday and we are wild. >> the it's one-1-win. oracle then memphis and then oracle game 7 on next sunday. but they have to bring the same intensity and evident you can't just say we have one now best of 30. i like they are here at home. >> absolutely. py on wednesday. >> thanks larry. >> thank you for joining us. i'm amma. >> i'm dan for all of us here we appreciate your time. >> 7 news continues on line twitter facebook all the mobile device with the abc 7 news app. >> make time for us in 1 hour on the big 7 if you
9:59 pm
hey, you guys. guess what. my boyfriend smith finished law school. (singsongy) he comes home today. wow. that is so... jules, what's the word for "who cares?" ellie torres, i opened my best bottle of wine for you last night, and you left a sip. i would never.
10:00 pm
this is your lipstick. (singsongy) wino fight. that was my glass. i accidentally wore colored lip balm yesterday. it's barely colored and it makes my eyes pop.


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